Davide Canepa


Life is about change - and Art, in all its forms, has the potential to reconnect all of us with the pure source, the very simple impulse that generates everything.

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My artworks and related stories, even when depicting a contemporary image, are inspired by the timeless point which is in all things, where a color has a new shade and a word a new meaning. Because life, and so art, is in constant evolution, we have to rediscover it all the time, every single instant we have a chance to connect with the evolutive process that we call nature.
Each one of my paintings is a unique composition of philosophy, intuition and improvisation, making the style recognisable at first sight - I always make sure to have the least influence from any previous artistic movement so that each work is pure in its expression without any prejudice that might affect its essence.

In my artistic path I moved from the outside (fashion design) deep into the human being (paintings), and that's where I surprisingly found the universe.

Apart from the ready artworks I also create Personalized Energetic Canvases and Live Paintings at the events with my partner/wife Anna.

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